Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kapiti Dance Centre Concert 2012

Jabberwocky, the Carpenter, Doormouse, Cheshire Cat and Dodo Bird

Kapiti Dance Centre Presents......

Alice  -  Grease  -  La Bayadere
Southward Theatre 25th August 2012
Two shows on Saturday at 2pm and 7pm

Salem's dance school had their concert on the weekend.  A lot of hard work and effort went into it.
I watched the evening show and it went really well.  Everyone enjoyed it.  The kids were brilliant.

At rehearsals

This term everyone was practising their dances during class time but over the last two weeks it was full on rehearsals for hours at a time, it was practically every day.  Then there were the rehearsals at the theatre every afternoon/evening. It was very tiring.  I made sure I had made dinner to take with us as when we did get home it was time for Salem to go to bed.

At the side stage door

Salem was the only boy in the whole concert so he had a dressing room to himself.  Apparently there are a couple of boys in the junior hip hop class but they weren't in the concert.  It's a shame more boys aren't involved.

Waiting to go on stage

But the girls in Salem's ballet class were next door so he was able to chat to them.  And they made sure that he now when it was time to get ready to go on stage which was nice.

The Jabberwocky

Salem's ballet class were characters from the Mad Hatter's Tea Party and had to create/design their own costumes.  They came up with some really good ideas.

The back of Salem's costume, see his tail.

We used his old unitard from a previous concert (3 years ago) and made the wings from sequined fabric so he was very sparkly.  I painted the elastic and a pair of his ballet shoes green to match his unitard.   I made him a tail and had sewn triangles of the sequined fabric to match the wings.  I found a blue glittery mask in one of the "el cheapo" shops for $2 which was perfect.  I just had to trim it up a bit as it covered up too much of his face.

The Jabberwocky and the Walrus

Now a Jabberwocky has to have scaley skin so we used patterned fishnet tights for his legs and arms which worked very well and when we bought the two pairs they were half priced so this costume was very economical.

The Jabberwocky

The Jabberywocky costume looked very good from in the audience, he really stood out.  All the girls' costumes looked great too.  They did brilliantly in the concert and played their characters well.
The littlies that were on for Alice were so cute and all the costumes were lovely and bright.  Lots of beautiful flowers and butterflies etc...

Hanging around in the dressing room in his La Bayadere costume

La Bayadere was done by the senior classes and the grade fours.  All the girls were in tutus and Salem in his classical competition costume with a black leotard.  He was surrounded on stage by heaps of girls in tutus but he stood out again as his waistcoat was very sparkley with the red glittery pattern in the fabric.  It looked great from the audience.  Again, everyone danced very well and was well received by the audience.

Ready to go on stage

Salem was a very happy but tired and sleepy boy when we got home and had a good sleep in on Sunday.
Monday, it was back to getting some dance practice in at the gym and then half a private lesson and two classes in the  afternoon and evening.
Contemporary exams are coming up very soon and then it's his RAD ballet exam at the end of November.

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  1. The best part was that the day ended really well for Salem. He seemed really happy about their performance, which is a good thing because at a young age, he gets to experience the success of performing and dancing. I know he’ll improve more as he regularly attends his dance routines.

    Tyson Sieger