Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Men in Tutus

Beefy ballerinas tour

 Sequined success: Lead dancer Victor Trevino has stage presence in the new production of Men in Tutus, on at Southward Car Museum on July 25. 

Southwards Car Museum will be home to tutus, frills and a fun night out when parody ballet Men in Tutus hits town.
The New York-based ballet company Les Ballets Eloelle brought the production to New Zealand in 2007 during their Australasian tour, but will perform at Southwards Theatre for the first time in July.
Men in Tutus features 20 male dancers performing parodies of classical and modern ballets including Swan Lake, Romeo and Juliet and Harlequinade.
Artistic director and lead dancer Victor Trevino said people often have the idea that ballets are complicated and hard to keep up with.
"Being able to come in and laugh for a while, and just to see people do something fun that's easy to understand and high energy, I think people respond to that," he said.
Trevino started learning ballet in his early 20s, dancing with the Florida Ballet.
After a few years he auditioned for the New York- based all-male ballet company, Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, known for their parodies of Russia's prima ballerinas.
Wanting to do more modern ballets, after nine years Trevino left the "Trocks" to form his own all-male ballet company, Les Ballets Grandiva.
He had planned to retire after their successful 2007 Australasia tour, but was roped back into his tutu by Australian producer Mark Rafter, who suggested the troupe do another show.
"Some days when we're really exhausted, I think 'What have I done? What have I got myself into?'," he said.
"But when I'm in front of an audience and they're laughing and applauding, of course it makes it worthwhile."
The company includes professional dancers from top ballet companies around the world, including The American Ballet Theatre, New York Ballet, Royal Ballet, Hong Kong Ballet and Berlin State Opera Ballet.
"It's not quite as beautiful as what you would see a regular ballerina do, but we're still dancing en pointe and doing some incredible things," he said.
"Sometimes we get people in the audience who are just howling with laughter and that really helps us do our job and have a good time."
After the 25-week tour Trevino said they will look at continuing the tour to Japan and Malaysia.
Set to perform 110 shows on their current tour, Trevino was expecting "a slightly easier run, but hopefully we'll survive it all."
- Men in Tutus, July 25, 8pm, Southward Car Museum. 
                                           The Kapiti Observer

Last Wednesday night we went we to see Men in Tutus at Southwards with Grandma.  It was Salem's birthday present.
We got there nice and early and Salem managed to get a few autographs but silly me, I forgot to take my camera with me so missed out on a great photo opportunity. 
They put on a wonderful show, what wonderful dancers and oh so funny.  Salem could not stop laughing.  "They do Swan Lake how it should be done." 

I hope they tour New Zealand again in the future.  Salem managed to get a couple of feathers from the Dying Swan as souveniers.  The Dying Swan was great, feathers were going everywhere, the whole stage was covered.

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