Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Friday, August 10, 2012

Two Performances in One Day

Ballet Diaries - Cinderella
By Salem
Two Performances in One Day 4th August 2012
After the Master Class this morning we had a bit of a relax, then we got bored so we went over to Te Papa (the National Museum).  It was good to go there again as we hadn't been there for a while and some of the exhibits had been changed and there was some new ones too.

At Te Papa

Then it was time to get ready for the afternoon matinee.  Mum did my make-up in the dressing room for a change and I just waited around in my waistcoat, not my full jacket, because the dressing room was so hot.
Daniel was well enough to do the show today which was good.
We didn't do much while we were waiting in the dressing room.  I was so hot that I kept going out into the hallway and fanned myself with my program.  It was a good way to get more autographs when the dancers came past.  I even got Gillian Murphy's autograph this time.

My performance went well, I got to all my marks on stage.  Still haven't dropped my oranges.
Afterwards I quickly got dressed and met Mum downstairs and we had yet another pot of tea at the Jimmy.
We went to Arthur's cafe to have dinner between shows.  We shared some fish fingers and fried potatoes with some yummy ginger beer to wash it down.  We were all "tea-ed" out.
Back to the St James again and we got one of the cast lists for the next performance and it had Nicholas' name on it instead of Daniels but it turned out to be a mistake thank goodness.  We thought he might have been sick again.
I got back into my costume and fixed up my make-up.  Me and Daniel did some origami. We made paper planes and Daniel started teaching me how to make a star but then we thought it was time to go downstairs to go backstage.

First we waited around a bit until I went over to see Jonte and he asked me to sit with him.  We had a bit of a chat about the ballet.  Then Rory told me it was time to get ready and man my cart.  It was another fun performance.
I quickly got changed as soon as I had finished and me and Mum had just enough time to get a taxi to the Railway Station to get the earlier train.  We were able to get home an hour earlier than usual.  I was very, very tired.

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