Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Getting Ready for Contemporary Exams

Having fun at the gym

All the madness of the dance school concert is well behind us now and Salem has been back to working hard at the gym.  His personal trainer, Belinda has given him a new lot of exercises to do, all of them can be done at home which is good as some days we can't make it up there.

Salem's contemporary exam and his contemporary medal test are all coming up on the 20th September so we are making the most of the studio at the gym for him to practice all his contemporary exercises and dances.
He has been having the occasional audience now and then as other gym members see what he is up to and watches him for a dance or two.  The other day an elderly lady who used to be a ballet teacher watched him do some of his ballet and was very impressed with him.  She enjoyed watching him and he enjoyed having her watch him dance and listened to her comments about technique etc.

With Belinda, his trainer

But at the moment we are really concentrating on his contemporary.  These practices are going really well and he is really tidying up his technique.  For his medal test, he will have to do two dances so he will be doing half of his Du Hast dance and half of the Sh-Boom dance.  He knows these very, very well.

The dance school is having some extra lessons on the up-coming weekends before the exam so that every one will be ready and know what to expect.  And will be having a mock exam too.
He is quite confident that he will be ready and will do well.

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