Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rosewood Ballet Competitions 2012

We went to the Rosewood Ballet Competitions at the Little Theatre in Lower Hutt on Saturday afternoon.
We arrived early as we never like to be late and travel all that way to miss out on Salem doing his dance.  But we got there really early so had to wait around for hours.  We had a wander around the grounds and went down to the Westgate Mall at Queensgate to by some hair gel.  We really did not like the mall at all and will most likely never go there again.

Salem did his contemporary dance really well.  He had lots of confidence this time so I was allowed to go and watch from the audience which was really nice.  A few minor mistakes but no one would no as he covered them nicely.
He got another Commended and the comments included " Lovely control on your shoulder roll.  Nice curve through your body in your swing.  Great suspension in your handstand."

He was up against seasoned competition and is improving all the time.
Well done Salem.

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