Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Monday, November 5, 2012

Saturday's Rehearsal for Giselle

Dimitri Kleioris as Hilarion

Ballet Diaries - Giselle
By Salem

Saturday's Rehearsal  3rd November 2012

This afternoon was our first proper rehearsal.
Turid came and got us from our dressing rooms right at the beginning of the rehearsal of Act One so we could watch what was happening.
So we sat in the auditorium until it was our turn to go up on stage.

It did take a while to get past the opening scene as Ethan kept stopping things and the curtains had to be re-set to begin again.
This happened about five or six times.

When we were on stage Turid and the stage manager told us what we had to do.
We had to stand with our "mother" and watch and react to what everyone was doing around us.
I was being nosey and my "mother" was keeping me in line.
It was fun play acting and it felt like I was really in the village.
I wish I was on stage longer.

Andrew Bowman

Andrew Bowman is the guest dancer who is playing Count Albrecht.
Andrew is originally from Palmerston North and he has been dancing since he was 4 years old. 
For the last fifteen years he has been dancing with the Royal Danish Ballet as a principal dancer. 

Andrew was really good at being Albrecht.  I thought he looked very mischievious and almost boy-like.
I enjoyed watching him a lot.
He is such a good dancer and was very tall and strong.
I thought he made the best Albrecht, sorry Qi!!!!

Antonia Hewitt

Antonia Hewitt was Giselle, she was fabulous as Giselle in the rehearsal.
I can't wait to see her dance in Act Two.

Dimitri Kleioris was so good at being Hilarion, the game keeper.
He really looked the part.

I enjoyed watching all of Act One, except I couldn't watch when I was on stage.
Mum said that me, Paris and Jaida did a good job.

Next is the full-dress rehearsal in front of a full audience on Tuesday night.


  1. G'Day Salem,
    I love reading your blog about your experiences dancing with the RNZB I remember when Andrew and I were little it was the best time in our lives.

    Chookas for your shows.


    1. Thank you Richard.
      I am having such a good time.
      I'm not looking forward to getting to tall for parts in the future.
      But I have all these great memories too.