Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Fun is Nearly Over

Ballet Diaries - Cinderella
By Salem
The Fun is Nearly Over   10th August 2012

Me and Jacob Chown

I'm feeling a little sad as this was my second to last performance.  I would love to be able go on tour with the Royal New Zealand Ballet and do Cinderella or any future ballet with them and tour around New Zealand.  That is one of my dreams.
Mum did my make-up as usual tonight and when I had got all my costume on I had my photo taken with Jake (Jacob Chown).  He is one of my favourite dancers.  He has been really nice to me over the last few years, I even remember when his brother was with the RNZB.

Young Cinderella, her step-sisters, Matthew Slattery and me

We caught Matthew coming up for a costume change and Young Cinders and Co came up at the same time so I had my photo taken with them.  The girls are Olivia Gordon (short sister), Emily Nicholson (Cinderella) and Heidi Craig (tall sister).
It was also a good chance to have a photo with Sam.  He is new to the company and he is really nice.

Me with Sam Shapiro

Daniel was having to put on his make-up by himself and I saw that he was having some trouble putting his eye-liner on so I asked him if he needed help and he said yes.  I remembered how Mum puts it on me so I did the same to Daniel.  I got him to look up so I could put the eye-liner under his eye.  He didn't have an eye pencil, just some gloopy soft black stuff which I put on with a weird solid brush.
I had to fix up what Daniel had done so I just put some foundation over his mistakes.  I did it properly but he wanted it done even heavier.  He said I did a good job.

Helping Daniel with his make-up

After that he tried to do his mascara but did a big blob under his eye.  So I had to fix that up for him.  Then I did his blusher, he wanted that on far too heavy as well.  He had lots of little black spots from his mascara etc falling down on his foundation so I fixed that up too.
I quite like putting on his make-up and want to experiment on my own face sometime.  I've got my dance school's concert coming up very soon so I will put on my own make-up for that and give Mum a break.
We played cards again tonight, playing Last Card and Daniel taught me how to play Black Jack.

Young Cinderella and Step-sisters

We went backstage when we thought it was about time to.  I was a bit nervous about going backstage because Daniel said that when he was filling in for Nicholas yesterday, as he was sick, he was told off for going down to early.  But we were fine.  I didn't see Jonte backstage this time.
Our performance went well, it is so much fun.  Then back up to the dressing room.  Mum met us up there and I quickly got dressed as we had to go and see some friends, who were watching the show, at the second interval.  They gave me a lovely bunch of yellow roses.  We couldn't chat for long as we had to get a bus to the railway station to catch a train home.  
I was very tired when we got home so it was straight to bed as usual.

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