Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last Practice of 2013 and Plenty of Pointe

Today was Salem's last practice session for the year.
It's not open tomorrow either, pity as Salem really wants to do some work on his dances and to do some more pointe practice.

Normally he doesn't take his pointe shoes to the gym as the floor is incredibly slippery and he is constantly having to wet his normal ballet shoes so he isn't slipping all the time.  Unfortunately we can't use rosin there.

So we put yoga mats on the floor which worked quite well and used the step ladder as a barre.
Salem hasn't been doing as much pointe practice lately due to being so busy with all his other dancing but  is now very determined to put loads of practice in and to have a dance choreographed and ready for competitions towards the later part of 2014.

We are thinking a demi-character dance would be good.
Salem is now on to his third pair of pointe shoes and we aren't colouring them yet until we decide on costuming, that's if his feet don't grow before then.

His last two pairs of pointe shoes were Bloch Sylphide's but we decided to go for a Grishko pair, not sure what they are called but they fit him perfectly and have a slightly longer vamp and are nice and narrow.
He says they are very comfortable.  So we are sticking to these ones now.

Last Acro class of the year.

So we will end this year with a photo of Salem's Acro class, we hope you had a great Christmas and wish you
Happy New Year!!!!!


  1. Saw your videos of your son Salem on his acrobatics and as well
    as his skills of going En Pointe.....And seems to do well
    on his "pointe ballet" skills..

    Question, I know these videos are posted on YouTube...
    I tried to push the icon option on watching these
    videos on the YouTube website to view
    a better video picture.

    What is your YouTube channel called?

    1. I have now changed the videos to proper You Tube videos.
      Salems channel on You Tube is Ballet Boy NZ.

    2. Hi there Annette,

      We actually haven't put them on You Tube, I just diirectly upload them onto our posts, so I don't know why the You Tube option comes up. It never used to.

      Thanks for your interest in Salem.

      Happy New Year!!!!