Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Winner of the INAP Performing Arts Youth Award 2015

Me and my award

 Last year on the 4th October, I was the recipient of the 2015 International Naturally Autistic People "Performing Arts (Youth)" Award at the ANCA World Autism Festival Awards which was held in Vancouver, Canada.

This week I received my award from Canada.

I'm one of the New Zealand nominees for the INAP awards

It was such an honour for me and a very big congratulations to all the other nominees and award winners from last year.  It's a real celebration of the Autistic Community

Spot the New Zealand flag with the Australian flag

There were nominees from all over the world, so it was very cool that little o'l me from New Zealand was an award winner.  I'm very proud.

Me on the big screen

The awards were part of the 6th Annual ANCA World Autism Festival which was held over six days.
There was the opening ceremony, workshops, networking, performances and of course, the awards ceremony.

My acceptance speech on the big screen

I couldn't go to Canada, so I had to video my acceptance speech which was played on the big screen at the awards.

Me in the Naturally Autistic magazine

I was also included in an article titled "Cultural Diversity" by Charlie Collura, in the Fall 2015 issue of the Naturally Autistic magazine.

The award, itself, is pretty cool.  I really like the little Inukshuk guy, which in the Inuit language is the singular of inuksuit which means "in the likeness of a human".

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Mysterious Miss Hannigan

The lovely Miss Hannigan - Kapiti Comps 2015

Aaaaah..... Miss Hannigan!!!!!
What can I say....??????
I love Miss Hannigan!!!!!!!

After being Daddy Warbucks in my dance schools production of "Annie" in December 2014, one song stuck in my head, "Little Girls".
So I thought why not.  I've been Rooster, Daddy Warbucks and now Miss Hannigan, and I'll be her en pointe!!!!

Pointe shoes

I needed a new demi-character dance, even though I still enjoyed doing "Robin Hood", but I needed a challenge.  I still bring out Robin Hood and Truffles the horse occasionally for musical theatre though.
And I wanted to do another humorous dance, demi-characters can be so serious.
So why not be a boy dancing en pointe, wearing a dress and a wig, looking like a drunken mess.

Spilt wine glass

I kept my theme a secret from everyone so it could be a surprise when I finally got to perform it at the Dance Art Comps in May 2015, which also happened to be my 15th birthday.

Bloomers and a little girl with red hair

I gave hints on my facebook page, "Ballet Boy - Salem Foxx", such as the three photos above - the pointe shoes, wine glass, bloomers and a doll (little girl) with red hair (Annie).

Everyone guessed I was dancing en pointe, but nobody connected the clues to Annie or "Little Girls".

Miss Hannigan waking up from a hard night drinking

Mum had great fun getting me a wig and then going through her old clothes to find the perfect dress, fishnets and dressing gown for Miss Hannigan to wear. 
Mum couldn't stop laughing every time I practiced in costume.

Introducing Miss Hannigan

It was so funny when it was performance day at the Dance Art Comps, I got a lot of strange looks and people didn't recognise me. I could see that some of the other dancers were wondering who this strange new girl was backstage.  That was until I talked.

They knew I was going to dance en pointe, but not that I was going to be in drag.
There was quite a few of the other dancers, who weren't dancing in this class, at the side of the stage, waiting to see me dance.

Me and Mum set out my props on stage when it was my turn.
I placed myself on my chair and thought "this is it"!

What a sight - Dance Art Comps 2015

I had a ball!!!!!
It was soooo much fun!!!!
I had finally done it, performed and competed en pointe!!!!!!!
I loved every moment of it.
Mum said that other dancers and dance teachers had crammed themselves side stage in the wings to watch me, a boy en pointe.
This is what the audience and adjudicator saw.

I had such a good time, made people laugh and achieved a personal milestone.
Then to top it off, when the results were read out, I had been awarded 1st!!!!!!!
I really couldn't believe it.

Miss Hannigan - Queens Birthday Comps 2015

This next video is part of my dance which was filmed at the Kapiti Comps 2015.
Not my best performance as I had a very badly swollen big toe and foot, I actually didn't think I would be able to perform at all at those comps but I managed with plenty of paracetamol, ibruprofen, arnica cream, and the list goes on..........

I am only doing one competition this year, the Kapiti Comps which is local for me.  It is held at Southward's Theatre.
And the lovely Miss Hannigan will be making another appearance.
Wish I could take her out more often.

I'm so pretty!!!!!!

I've been working on some new dances this year and will be debuting them at the Kapiti Comps.
My new jazz dance is quite funny.  I also have a new lyrical and am doing two new variations.  Plus I have entered the classical en pointe class too.
But I'm not telling, I will be hinting, until competition day.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Gardening and Dancing

Wow, I can't believe I haven't done a post since last year!!!!!
Sorry everyone.
Well, I'm just going to have to catch everyone up on what I am doing, as a few things have changed since last year.  So expect regular updates and catch-ups over the next few weeks, promise.

The first change is that I no longer practice up at the gym.
For one, I can't really afford it and another reason was lack of ventilation.
I was finding it very hard in hotter weather to cool the studio down enough to be comfortable to practice in.  As soon as I stepped into the studio I would be hit with a blast of hot, sweaty air and found it hard to breathe, let alone dance.  I just wish that there were windows that could be opened.

So me and Mum approached the church a few doors down from us about using the hall for me to practice in exchange for me doing some gardening.
They said yes!!!!!!!
So now I practice in the hall and there are tons of windows for me to open, it's great.
Plus I get to do something else that I love doing, gardening.

I do gardening at home, I also do some gardening and odd jobs around my neighbourhood to help pay for my dance classes and dance shoes etc.
It's so nice to be able to help out so that it doesn't all fall on Mum to pay for everything.
I'll be back tomorrow with another post
See you then