Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Friday, November 30, 2012

Ballet Shoe Emergency

Let's try on a pair of ballet shoes.

Salem's RAD Ballet exams are on Sunday so I painted his white ballet shoes with the proper leather shoe paint.
His ballet shoes were looking worse for wear and all the colour was worn off in big patches.
So I painted his shoes according to the instructions on Tuesday night.
Wednesday afternoon I checked the shoes and took the paper out of them that I used to keep them in shape and the paint cracked...... they cracked a lot!!!!!
No good for class let alone his exams.

Not quite the right fit.

So today as Salem had no ballet classes, we caught the train into Wellington to by him a new pair of ballet shoes.
We don't have any dance wear shops out here in Kapiti.
So it was off to our favourite shop Gubb's.


Salem had to try on quite a few pairs of shoes to get the right fit.
He has quite narrow feet and luckily they had an older pair of Paul Wright ballet shoes which was a perfect fit and a better quality leather.  The newer pairs have very different leather and a slightly different coloured white.
It ended up being a size smaller than his last pair which was a Bloch pair (an old pair of his brothers).
But we have a pair which will be worn in tomorrow, Salem can walk about the house with them on and we are going up to the gym tomorrow for a last practice before his exams.
The day off dancing today did him a lot of good and he is more relaxed.
We went to the Wellington Botanic Gardens and he took lots of photos with his film camera and he had a great time hanging out with the ducks and pigeons.
A good mental health day ;^)


  1. he have so athletic and full stretchable boy in new Zealand. really wonder full job he done it. Ballet exam had fair competition to select best talent.

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    1. Thank you Maria, best wishes from New Zealand - Salem :-)