Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Friday, August 3, 2012

Full Dress Rehearsal

Ballet Diaries - Cinderella
By Salem
Full Dress Rehearsal  1st August 2012
Tonight was the full dress rehearsal.  This was the big final rehearsal before Opening Night tomorrow.  The theatre is full of people so we are actually rehearsing with a full audience.
Mum got me ready with my make-up before we arrived, she did it down in the Jimmy Restaurant/Cafe downstairs at the St James.  No one noticed us doing it.
We went up to the dressing room and my hat had been moved.  I got into my costume and it looked so cool.  After I was all organised, Mum went out to go into the theatre so she could watch the show.

Daniel kept on talking while we were waiting and he had to go back downstairs because he forgot to sign in.
Just after that, Talia, the reporter from The Kapiti Observer arrived with a photographer and Andrea, the publicity person for the Royal New Zealand Ballet.  Talia asked me lots of questions.  Daniel had to wait over by the corner of the dressing room while I was being interviewed but came and had some photos taken with me.
Later one of the male dancers took us down to the auditorium so that we could watch the rest of the first act.  I loved watching the ballet!!!!!!!
we were taken back to the dressing room at interval time and we had to put buckles on our shoes.
we waited around in the dressing room until we were taken backstage ready for our turn.
There was a photographer backstage taking photos of the dancers, me included.

I walked on stage pulling my cart behind me.  I felt really excited and happy.  I handed out my oranges and the stage lights were so bright that I could not see any of the audience.
It was so much fun but it didn't last long enough.  Backstage the dancers said "good job".
We went back to the dressing rooms and quickly got changed.  I had a peek at the other side of the dressing room, there was a wall between our part and some of the other dancers, and had a look at all the costumes.  It was amazing!!!!  It looked like a jungle of costumes, suitcases and make-up.
I headed off down stairs and waited with Lindsay, the theatre door man, until Mum picked me up so I could watch the last act with Mum in the audience.  Lindsay let us go in the back entrance into the St James.  We sat with Byron and his mum.
It was a great show!!!!!!

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  1. Well Done, You Look Great And Carry On! :)