Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Exam Countdown - 4 Days Until Intermediate Foundation Exam

Four days til exam time.

It's not long now until exam day.
This afternoon we went into Wellington to the New Zealand School of Dance for Salem's exam rehearsal.
Salem and four girls from his dance school joined up with the rather large class from Wellington Dance Academy for the rehearsal.  It was nice to catch up with his old class mates, he used to go there for a bit but the travel became to much for him with the extra classes needed for Grade 5/Intermediate Foundation.

Miss Helen (Salem's former teacher) from Wellington Dance Academy took the rehearsal class along with Miss Irena on the piano.
Salem really enjoyed the class and he is not worried about the exam anymore.
He could see that he wasn't making so many mistakes etc as he is being told he is in class  (at KDC) and he was one of the very few who did well with the free enchainments.

Sewn up a new pair of leggings.

I was able to watch from outside the studio, they had a nice big window.  He did very well.
The rehearsal went for two hours so I had bought along some sewing with me.
I had to make a new pair of navy coloured leggings for his exam as I can't buy ones which fit Salem properly.  He is very long and skinny.  The ones he was wearing today are a few years old, actually they were originally his older brothers, they still fit him but are far too short.  They are 3/4 length now.
So I have hand sewn them.  I find that the stitching lasts longer and can stretch better when I do it by hand.
So they are all done and fit him perfectly.
I must get my A into G and make him some more leggings while I'm in legging mode.

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