Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Exam Countdown - 1 Day Until Intermediate Foundation Exam

One day til exam time and the cat is
wondering what he is doing???

Tomorrow is exam day ..... finally!!!!!
Salem woke up feeling better today but now has a runny nose.
He had a good two hour lesson with Jacqui this afternoon but started to feel ill again, not as bad as yesterday though.
So as soon as we got home it was straight into bed, after we had taken his "Number One" photo.
We forgot to do it at the gym again!!!!

Then it was another attack to the cold with paracetamol, vitamin c, and everything else like yesterday.
Hopefully he will feel better again tomorrow after a good nights sleep.
He can feel ill again when we get back home after his exam ;^)

We have every thing ready for the exam, clean leggings, leotard, socks and shoes, a drink bottle and hand towel.  Boys don't need much for the exam unlike the girls.

Can't wait until tomorrow!!!!!!!

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