Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Monday, July 20, 2015

Kapiti Comps 2015 and What I'm up to at the moment

Pas de deux - Giselle

It was the Dance Kapiti Competitions finally after a years break.  It was held at the Southwards Theatre, out here in Kapiti.  Nice and close, it was great not to have to travel.

It was held over four days, 11th to the 14th July.  I danced 16 times over the four days.


I had injured myself at practice the day before comps started and I wasn't too sure that I would be dancing at all.  I had hurt my big toe quite badly and it was quite swollen and very sore when putting any pressure at all on it.

But we put arnica on, ice packs and kept up a regime of anti-inflammatories and paracetamol when needed.
I managed to dance every dance, it did get quite sore at times, I couldn't do double tours so had to stick to singles and had to make adjustments to some of my dances.  Even had to wear different ballet shoes as my usual ones were a little too tight on my toe.

In make-up and wig for Miss Hannigan

But overall, I was really pleased with my performances, I had sooooo much fun with my jazz dances, especially the impromptu.  I just went out, put lots of humour in it and had a ball.  I wish it was videoed.
I was able to dance both of my jazz dances, Sh-Boom and White Trash.  White Trash was danced two times, it was the only repeat I had.

It was really nice to catch up with dancers that were not from the Wellington Region.  Some I hadn't seen since Palmerston North Comps from last year.

Having a bit of fun before Cold

This was my third competition of the year, and the last for this year.
I no longer have a scholarship for my dancing.  I had three years of Gold Heart Scholarships from Variety - The Children's Charity.  Three years is the limit and I was very lucky and honored to have that support.

So we can no longer afford to do as many competitions, I did eight last year, but that just means I can now concentrate more on my classes and work on technique.  Also do some more choreographies which I have so many ideas.  I will be working on a classical dance en pointe and a new variation as well.
Cold will be done en pointe next year!!!!!!

Getting into Classical mode

I'm fundraising to go over to the Boy's Ballet Summer School again this summer, I enjoyed it so much last time and learnt so much.  So when the weather gets drier and warmer, I will be busking in Wellington City at some of the inner city parks.  I can't do my dancing and acro on hard concrete so the grassy parks will do nicely.

Running Up That Hill

Term three starts today so it is back to classes in Tawa, can't wait to see my Grade One students today, and my Grade Two's tomorrow.  This term we are getting ready for exams.  I have exams for contemporary and jazz.  I am doing two jazz exams - Elementary and Intermediate.  I am also doing medals for jazz, contemporary, ballet and tap.

No ballet exams for me this year.  I am doing non syllabus ballet with Jacqui and Jonty and a mixture of advanced levels with Hayley.


Last term I got together with the lovely Miss Sophie to do the pas de deux from Giselle so we could perform it at the Kapiti Comps which we did and we got a Highly Commended (5th placing).

Not bad as we were in the Duo/Trio Any Style class so we were up against hip hop, jazz etc, no other ballet.
It was a lot of fun but over too quickly.

Practicing on stage before the Senior Championship

My other results were:

Classical  -  Third Place
Neo-Classical  -  Very Highly Commended (4th)
Character - Highly Commended (5th)
Demi-Character  - Highly Commended
Barefoot -  Commended (6th)
Impromptu Barefoot - Commended

Quiet moment before going back stage.

My favourite comment from the adjudicator was for White Trash in the Senior Jazz Champs, it was:

"I enjoyed your wild attitude."

Ready for James

I had a great four days at comps and can't wait for next year's.
I got lots of funny looks when I was in costume for Miss Hannigan, so funny!!!!!

So I will only be doing three competitions next year, same as this year.  Definitely one elsewhere, maybe Taupo or New Plymouth.  Should be fun.


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