Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Exam Countdown - 5 Days Until Intermediate Foundation Exam

Five days until exam time.

Not long to go now, only five days until Salem's first vocational exam.
He had his usual Saturday Intermediate Foundation class at the dance school.  But he didn't have a practice session at the studio at the gym this morning as he is not having his usual Sunday break day tomorrow.
We have to go into Wellington to the New Zealand School of Dance as his class is joining up with others from the Wellington Dance Academy to have a run through of the exam with the pianist.

Wearing the "Toesies".

I have just ordered some more foot thongs/pads for Salem as they are great for Lyrical, Barefoot and Contemporary, especially if you get really sweaty sticky feet like Salem gets.  Yuck!!!!!
Salem calls the "Toesies".
He has had a pair for quite a few months now and they are still in good condition but really needed a wash as they get stinky and dirty.
I used Sunlight Soap to wash them with and they look like new again.

"Toesies" - Foot thongs/pads

I ordered him two more pairs as he will be using them practically every day now that he has his barefoot and lyrical dances along with his contemporary.
We have been getting the cheaper versions online off Trade Me.  Salem likes the ones that are like finger-less gloves as the other type doesn't appeal to him.

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