Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Monday, September 2, 2013

Exam Countdown - 3 Days Until Intermediate Foundation Exam

Three days til exam time

It's getting closer!!!!!!!
After yesterday's rehearsal Salem is still very confident.
We had our usual practice session at the gym today, just his new competition dances as he had his usual Intermediate Foundation class at the dance school (KDC).
I got to watch his class today as it is parents viewing week.  I always watch his classes on these days so I know what he is supposed to be doing.
I am usually the only parent who watches in Salem's classes which is a real shame.  The other parents really miss out on seeing their child improve.
Parents are more inclined to watch when their kids are in the junior classes.
I see it as being a very valuable tool.

Male dance supports
Clockwise from top left - Spratz, Paul Wright, Bloch.

I thought I would talk about male dance supports, also called dancers belts, especially after noticing a teenaged boy dance without one.
I think it is important for a boy dancer to wear one before it is really needed.
They might not have the tackle to fill one out but it does give a nice line and makes everything look neat and tidy.  It helps the boy not to be so self conscious in tight tights and leggings.  And of course it offers a bit of protection from accidents with other dancers.
Most older boys wear them but I do notice (and I am not being pervy) at competitions that the pre-teens and young teenaged boys don't.  It's hard to bring it up in conversations with their parents especially when talking about boys costumes etc.

Salem has been wearing them for a few years now and would never dream of dancing without one on.
Sure they are not comfortable at the start, being a g-string, but he soon got used to it.

We have used three different brands:
     Spratz - made in New Zealand $26
     Paul Wright - made in Indonesia $26
     Bloch - made in Australia $60

We have found the Spratz and Paul Wright ones the best.  After many washes in the washing machine, they still stay in good condition. The elastic stays in pretty good condition too.  All are used a lot as Salem wears one every day so are washed after every use so we have had to buy quite a few to always have a clean one available.  They dry well outside on the clothes line, I don't know how well they would do in the dryer. These ones are the cheapest and I think they are really good value for money.

Bloch is the most expensive and we have only one pair but I would not buy another.  The elastic hasn't held up well and the black colour in the elastic came out onto Salem's skin, this is after being washed several times and I don't use a harsh laundry powder, I just use Lux Flakes.  So it has discoloured some of his leotards so is only worn with a black leotard.  As you can see in the above photo, the dye has come out of the Bloch dance support.    I would give these ones a miss.

Definitely something to talk over with your ballet boy.

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