Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Friday, September 6, 2013

Exam Day and a Fun Dance Class

Having a bit of a practice at
Waikanae Dance School

Yesterday was exam day and what a mission it was.
Salem was still not very well but he was feeling a bit better.
We traveled into Wellington on a horrible cold windy and rainy day.  It was a real polar blast from the south.
It really didn't help Salem with his cold.

At the NZ School of dance we waited around in the dressing room with Josephine, who was going in to the exam with Salem, and the Mum's who were waiting.
Salem's ballet teacher, Miss Pond gave Salem a lovely little gift of blue "Foot Fizz" for tired feet, gift wrapped with some blue Hersheys kisses.  Salem was very pleased.
The dressing room was quite hot, had to go out many times to cool down.
Then when it was exam time, the two of them were taken up to the studio with two other girls from another dance school.

Salem was a bit upset when he came back down after the exam.
He had felt very unwell during the exam and the heat in the studio was unbearable for him.
He said he made silly little mistakes but on talking to him today, he did a lot of things very well.
He did look very ill.
So it was out to brave the weather and get back home, then it was straight into bed for Salem and a lot of TLC.

I haven't put any exam day photos up as I had forgotten to put my SD card back into my camera, silly me, but I did have my video camera with me so I could take photos with that.  I just have to fill the rest of the DVD before I can use the photos.

Outside Waikanae Dance School's lovely studio.

I made Salem stay in bed today and there was no dance practice.
He felt a lot better by the afternoon so I thought it was okay for him to go to his lesson up at Waikanae Dance School.  It is only just over a week to go before their concert, so Salem didn't want to miss a class.
He really enjoyed the class.  They finished their concert dance and Salem gets to finish doing the splits which he is very happy about.

The Tui's favourite Kowhai Tree.

While Salem dances in the lovely little studio, I sit outside listening to the birds in the trees getting ready for bed.  There are some very noisy tui's who love to bicker and play chasing.  They are a joy to watch and listen to.
And then all of a sudden when it gets totally dark, all the birds are silent.
Bed time!!!!

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  1. hey salem its della and jessica at school and we came across your blog so hello:)