Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Last Practice Before Concert Day

Ameno practice

Tomorrow afternoon Salem is debuting his new barefoot dance Ameno at the Waikanae Dance School's concert at Waikanae Memorial Hall.
He was luckily invited to do this solo as well as his class dance with his class mates.

So today he went through Ameno a few times and in costume to see if there was no costume malfunctions and that it looked good ...... he looked very good.
It is a great opportunity to do this dance before the next competitions in October.

A quick water break

After a quick change into his practice gear, we want to keep the costume clean for tomorrow, it was back into practicing all his other dances.
His lyrical dance, Polaroid Millenium, is looking so good, I keep asking him to do it again as I really enjoy watching him dance it.
Salem had shown this dance and his Krakowiak dance to Jacqui this week and they both have her seal of approval.  She also gave him some advice on technique which was very helpful.

Getting lyrical with Polaroid Millenium.

He really enjoys his Krakowiak dance and can't wait until his costume arrives from Poland.
We have checked on it's tracking and the package is currently in Sydney, Australia, so it won't be to much longer before it arrives here in New Zealand.

After our lunch break, Salem had his second Intermediate class at KDC.
Yay, no more Intermediate Foundation!!!!

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