Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Monday, March 31, 2014

PNDA Comps Results

Palmerston North Dance Association
Competition Results

28th - 30th March 2014

Salem won the Lauren McMillian Cup for the Highest mark in Restricted National Character Dance 12 years and over.

And the Palmerston North Dance Association Throphy for the Most Promising
Senior Dancer.


Salem did extremely well at the PNDA Restricted and Impromptu Competitions over the weekend. It was his first lot of competitions this year so it was a nice way to get back into it.
It was a long weekend and Salem was very tired by the end as he had seven dances on Sunday, the final day.

Robin Hood

He had entered the impromptu dances along with many of his own dances, all of which he had choreographed himself.
He also debuted his new demi-character dance “Robin Hood” which was well received and got a first placing.
This dance is absolutely hilarious and I think it took everyone by surprise.

Ballet Impromptu

Salem also was awarded first place for his Krakowiak national character dance and the trophy also for highest marks for national character.
He was thrilled as he had spent a lot of time researching and then choreographing this dance.

Getting ready for the Jazz Impromptu.

The results from the weekend are:

1st Place – National Character

2nd Place – Barefoot
                  Modern Jazz

3rd Place – Variation
                  Impromptu Modern Jazz
                  Impromptu Ballet

VHC – Impromptu Barefoot

HC – Impromptu Contemporary

C – Impromptu Lyrical

Salem and Della - Waikanae Dance School

Salem really enjoyed having other dancers from his dance school there and being able to watch them perform, some for the first time on a big stage.

He has more competitions coming up, Rosewood next weekend and then DanceArt the weekend after that. Then he has a short break with lots more planned.
It's busy, busy, busy!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You do make wonderful costumes. Takes me back to when I danced at salems age. Particularly like the Robin Hood and the blue and white . Bet he loved them too!

    1. Hi there
      I can't take credit for the blue costume, I was lucky enough to buy that "second-hand" but it had never been worn. I will be able to make a pattern from it to make some more.
      I do make all his leggings (tights), unitards and what ever else he needs, even the hobby horse.
      He loved performing Robin Hood in full costume for the first time. I am currently making a costume for his neo-classical dance which he is debuting in a week and a half. It's all silver.
      Kindest regards
      Michelle and Salem

  2. Hi Salem,
    congratulations! I wish you all the best for the competitions next weekends. Have fun doing it, fun is more important than the first place!
    Greetings to you and your mom

    1. Thank you Felix
      I had a great time on the weekend and I am looking forward to meeting up with my friends at the competitions coming up.
      I only do competitions because I have fun.
      When I don't enjoy them anymore I will stop.
      I just love performing.
      Best wishes
      Mum says "Hi".