Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ballet Class with the Royal New Zealand Ballet

On Sunday morning we got up nice and early to travel into Wellington for the Boys Only Class with Shannon   and some other male dancers from the Royal New Zealand Ballet.  It was held in the dance studios at the St James Theatre in Wellington.  The photos I have put up are from a previous Boys Only class about a year or so ago.

Boys Only Class 22nd July 2012      
by Salem
There were heaps of boys this time, lots from out of town.  Shannon took the class.  First we did some barre work.   It was quite easy.  Then it was on to some pirouettes and tour en l'airs, followed by port de bras which was a lot harder because we had to do a lot of balancing.  We also did a tricky exercise doing sissones.
We were split up into two groups and had to make a circle with one person in the middle.  The middle person had to trust everybody to catch him when he fell backwards.  The catcher then had to push him back up so that he could fall back onto the next person.

After that, each group had to split into two lines with their hands out so that they could catch the one boy who fell into everyone's hands.  They he got thrown up into the air and caught again.  We all had turns.  It was lots of fun.  My group included Byron, David, Shannon, one of the RNZ Ballet dancers and some boys I didn't know before today.
We sat down at the end of the class so we could have a bit of question and answer time with the RNZ Ballet dancers.  It was a fun morning and I learnt quite a few things.

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