Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Monday, March 11, 2013

Practice, Pointe Shoes and Praise

Straight after class

At lunch time today, Salem went down the road to get some bread for lunch from the shops.
On his way home he walks past the local primary school and today a group of boys came up to talk to him.
They said that they had seen him dance at the local talent quest and thought that his dance was really cool and that he was a great ballet dancer.  One of the boys even said that he would like to try ballet.
This was really nice for Salem to hear and apparently this happens from time to time when I'm not with him.

Then after a day off yesterday, it was back to work as usual.
Lots of practice at the gym and we concentrated a lot on his Peasant Pas variation.
It was mainly some contemporary to warm up with then it was on to the ballet.
This weekend is the Ribbon Festival at the Little Theatre in Lower Hutt and he will be performing all three days.

I've also discovered that I can upload my videos if they are short so below you have a bit of a taster of Salem's dances at practice today.

If you are getting my posts by email you will have to go directly to to see the videos.

At his Intermediate Foundation class this evening he was back in his pointe shoes, he stuffed lots of fleece around his toes so he didn't get another blister like last week.  The fleece worked well and there were no sore toes!!!!!

Warm-up exercise

Du Hast - Contemporary

Pas de Quatre Boy - Classical

Bond on Bond - Neo Classical

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  1. I very VERY RARELY see young man learn pointe. Why and when does this occur? As a professional dancer I'm just very curious as I've seen it only once before and it was for fun in a class not a company. Any info on Salem would b great abt his pointe dancing.