Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kapiti Dance Festival or The Kapiti Comps

Rehearsing for Sh-Boom.

What a long weekend it has been.  The Comps are still going now as I am writing this.  Thank goodness we only had three dances.  Others are there all weekend with sooooo many more.  There is so much waiting around, but at least you can go and watch the other dancers perform.

Sh-Boom, the group contemporary dance went well and they came second.  They looked really good on stage and you couldn't even tell that there were a few of the girls missing.

Du Hast - Contemporary Costume

The next morning Salem had his contemporary solo which is to Rammsteins "Du Hast" which made a nice change to all the "girly" music that the girls were dancing to.  I don't know what the judge made of it.

Salem and Caleb

Salem got a commended marking with the comments of "You have a good sense of line and a good sense of energy.  A promising performer."
That's not too bad considering that because of being nervous about being judged, Salem's mind went blank about his dance near the start so was basically doing an impromptu dance and not even his contemporary teacher noticed.  He managed to do the proper finish though.  I thought he did so well.  It also cured him of his nerves.

Kannan, Salem and Tegan

His classical dance went brilliantly and he was relaxed and confident.  His teacher was pleased with his performance and we got so many lovely comments afterwards from people we didn't even know.  And of course from people we did know :-)
Salem looks so grown up now.

Ready for his Classical Dance
He got another commended and the comments of "You have a strong presence on stage.  Nicely turned out legs and feet."
He was up against very tough competition, his friends and well seasoned competitors.
It was a very good experience for him and he can't wait until the next competitions.

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