Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First Pair of Pointe Shoes

At Gubbs buying his pointe shoes

Today we went into Wellington to "Gubbs" (a dancewear/shoe shop) to get Salem his first pair of pointe shoes.  He was so excited.
"A boy getting pointe shoes!!!" you say.
Well Salem has been wanting to dance en pointe ever since his ballet teacher asked his older brother, who was also a ballet dancer, if he wanted to learn pointe.
His brother said no, but it put the idea into his head that he could, as before he didn't think boys were allowed to have pointe shoes.

So this year the girls in his ballet class have started using pointe shoes, they first had to do a written test to get their Pointe Shoe Licence and Salem did the test too.
He passed and because of being so busy over the last few months didn't get him his shoes.
But the other day in class, his teacher mentioned to him that he can go and get his shoes and start using them with everyone else.  So off we went.

He said they feel really weird but can't wait for his teacher to check that they fit him properly so he can break them in and dye them a different colour.  He so doesn't want pink.  We will probably colour them black or even blue.  He wants a manly colour.
They will be ready for when he goes back to classes after the school holidays.

Men in Tutus

We went to see Men in Tutus earlier this year and he just loved them.
He thought they were so funny and was so impressed with them dancing en pointe.
He thought that one day he might be able to join a company like that as it looked like so much fun.

We know not many boys would like to dance en pointe but this is another skill he wants to have for his ballet career.
He has been getting himself ready with specific exercises for his feet, ankles etc at the gym.
We will keep you posted as to how he goes with it all.


  1. Salem, you rock, dude! I'm also a male ballet dancer who does Pointe. I've been doing it for about a year and love it! Good for you for doing something that you're passionate about, even though its unconventional. You'll get big respect! The faculty and dancers at my studio all think its cool that I do pointe. Enjoy it, but prepare for some hard work! Doing a pique turn or arabesque on pointe is a whole different story!
    -Chris, 32

    1. Hi Chris
      Salem was thrilled to get a comment from another male dancer, especially one who does pointe.
      He is all prepared for sore toes and not having the same level of balance. It's an exciting challenge that he has been looking forward to.
      So thank you for your kind words.

  2. Wow, more power to your son! Never heard of men on point before.

    Good luck at the Star Search.

  3. In care you're interested I have a video from a few years ago of a boy ballet dancer at a dance competition doing a ballet dance routine en pointe....He came in 2nd place at this even. In case you are interested in seeing this video.
    And, also have a video that a boy ballet dancer in the UK that was one of the "Billys" of the "Billy Elliot" musical in London. Showing off what he can do en pointe (he only filmed the lower part of himself doing this).

    That is in case you are interested in seeing any of these videos.

    1. Hi there Annette
      The videos sound very interesting. Are they up on YouTube at all? It would be good for him to see other boys en pointe.
      Thanks also for the links to the photos the other day.

    2. P.S.
      We plan to do some videos of Salem's dancing over the summer holiday :^)

    3. There are some posted on YouTube and some others were on YouTube and not now( I have copies of these which I can either email you directly or put on disk and mail to you from USA, have too many blank disks to get rid of)...

      The ones on YouTube are a news item on a New York City event and are listed below:

      Boy is clearly shown here in some footage on this one from NY Post video:

      This one from AP news footage boy can be seen:

      Another boy is seen here before 4:00 on video(he is wearing pink pointe shoes):

      Again, I have some other video footage. I can send you.

    4. I hope you got my earlier e-mail of the news items on YouTUBE that showed videos of some boys ballet dancers on pointe.

      I don't know if you got these or not.

      Did you get it??

    5. Hi there Annette,
      We have had a bit of a holiday from our computer, it was very nice.
      So sorry for taking so long to reply.
      Thanks for the links, Salem enjoyed watching them. It's nice for him to see other boys doing this.
      Do you have any footage of boys en pointe doing any competition stuff as Salem is interested in entering competitions dancing en pointe when he gets good enough.
      Hope you and your family had a great xmas.

  4. I only have one video of a boy doing ballet en pointe at a dance competition that I have.. It is not posted online it is in a video that I have. I can send a copy to you either by direct e-mail or on a disk that can be mailed to you. Just let me know.

    Also, I came across another picture of a boy en pointe that put on the website recently.

    Also, boys wanting to try and take up pointe is something from what I heard is a new growing movement among male ballet dancers.
    That is why there is hardly any videos of ballet
    competitions with male ballet dancers.
    I heard some want to do original ballet routines and
    not the character type ballet dancing like "The Dream", etc.

    Again, let me know how to get this video clip to you.

  5. Hi there, we would love to see the video.
    Contact me at kerereru at yahoo dot com.

  6. Hey there Salem! My name is Johnny and I live in California in the United States. I was searching up about boys en pointe on the internet today and was glad to find this blog! I got my first pointe shoes today at a store called Discount Dance near my home. I am a boy who will dance on pointe too! I am so glad that you and your mom put up this blog because it shows me that I am not the only boy who wishes to be a strong male dancer en pointe! Good luck to all your adventures and may you find that with following your dreams, they come true! You go rock those pointe shoes!

  7. Hey there Salem! My name is keith i am 34 years old and I live in oxford in the United Kindom.I got my first pair of demi pointe shoes but then i got my first pointe shoes I am a young man who will dance on pointe too! I am so glad that I am not the only one out there who wishes to be a strong male dancer en pointe! Good luck to all your adventures.and may you continue to follow your dreams of being a male ballet dancer just like me as Dreams really do come true