Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Start of a new term so back to classes

Contemporary Medal Exam 2010
It was back to ballet, stretch and strength and contemporary classes this week as it was the end of the school holidays and into the new term.

There is the usual syllabus lessons for the RAD exams next term in October, getting ready for his Contemporary NZAMD exam and medal test .....and.... The Kapiti Dance Centre's Concert on the 25th August.
Plus there is Cinderella, the rehearsals and performances.

Letting off some steam, having some fun.

And of course there is the practices and workouts at the gym, it's always hard on the first week of term so he had a bit of fun on the swiss ball today.

He had his private lesson for his classical dance today and went over technique.
We were hoping to do his classical dance at the Rosewood Competitions in Lower Hutt on the 27th to 29th July but it conflicts with his Cinderella rehearsals which is a pity. He was looking forward to it as he was going to compete against his friend Byron, who is also in Cinderella, so both the boys will have to miss out.  But on the bright side, he can still do his contemporary dance which is scheduled for late Saturday 28th July sometime around 4pm.

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