Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Monday, July 2, 2012

Today at the gym and Kapiti Comps dates and times

After having a break from dancing over the weekend due to having a cold, Salem is back at the gym practising for the Kapiti Dance Comps.

Danny and Gene watched him do two of his dances.  It was good having an audience as it was a good opportunity to make sure that if he made a mistake he could keep going without anyone noticing.  He made a couple of little mistakes which would usually put him off a little but he kept his cool and no one could tell.
This is what we are working on this week.

Outside the studio where he practices his dancing

The studio is a perfect size for him and has some nicely placed fans which he really needed!!!!!

He then does a 5 minute program on the stationary bike then did some balance excercises, not too much today as he is still getting over his cold.  We did walk up to the gym and back home again, so he has done more than enough.  He just loves going to the gym!!!!

Salem with Danny and Gene from City Fitness

Now for his approximate dance times at the Kapiti Comps up at Southwards, Paraparaumu

Junior Contemporary Groups Under 13 yrs   Sunday sometime after 4.30pm, right at the end of the afternoon session.

Modern Expressive/Contemporary Under 13 yrs  Dancer no.8  Monday morning sometime after 10am, before the end of the morning session.

Classical Ballet 11 & Under 13 yrs  Dancer no.21  Monday around 2pm.

These are his first solos at a competition and this is mainly for experience and confidence, he is not expecting to win anything ...........this time  ;^)

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