Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Costume Fitting for Giselle

At the RNZ Ballet's Reception

Ballet Diaries - Giselle
By Salem

Costume Fitting  30th October 2012

Today we went into Wellington for my costume fitting for the Royal New Zealand Ballet's production of Giselle.
There was no one at the reception desk so I pushed the button to call someone out to see us but it didn't work out at all.  I pressed it three times but it must have been broken.
Luckily someone came past and got Hank for us from the costume department.

Hank took us out back to the costume department and I got changed into a peasant costume.
So I am to be a peasant boy.  
It was a very cool costume, I really liked it and it was very comfy and a perfect fit.
Natalia, who was the costume designer for Giselle, checked me over and tried three different hats on me and we both agreed on the one that looked best.

Everyone in the costume department was pleased to see me again and they are all waiting for me to have a growth spurt and to get taller and fill out.  I am in no hurry to grow!!!!

My shoes were sorted out very quickly, usually they have to try to find a pair small enough to fit me, but this time the first pair I tried on fitted me perfectly.  The shoes are black laced up ones but they are going to change to colour to brown.

When we left we said "Hi" to some of the dancers and Ethan even waved us good-bye from his office.
Then we saw Turid when we went outside, she was having some lunch outside in the sun, so we went over and said "Hello" and had a quick chat.  She said it was nice to see me dance a solo at the Genee Challange on Sunday.  She also gave me some nice comments about my dancing.
Then it was off to buy some more make-up as I was running out.

I have my first rehearsal on Friday afternoon which will be on stage, I can't wait!!!!!!

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