Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Saturday, November 3, 2012

First Rehearsal for Giselle

Playing with my cards in the dressing room

Ballet Diaries - Giselle
By Salem

Our First Rehearsal  2nd November 2012

Today was the first rehearsal for us kids.
We were in two groups, Daniel and two girls, one of which was in Cinderella.
I was with Paris and her little sister Jaida.
Paris and I used to be in the same ballet class last year at Paula Hunt Dance School.
Their dad is Shannon who is the RNZB Educator.

Daniel and I played with my cards making buildings and roads with my packets of cards I always bring with me.  We had to wait in our dressing room which is the rehearsal room upstairs until we were needed.

Gillian and Qi

We had a bit of a wait before Turid came to take us down to the auditorium.
We watched all the dancers rehearse Act One until it was time for Daniel's group to go up on stage.
They were told what to do and got to have a practice.

My group got to watch everything so that we knew what to do when it came to our turn.
We just got a quick run through because our practice is tomorrow.

Gillian Murphy as Giselle

Gillian Murphy was Giselle and Qi Huan was Count Albrecht at this rehearsal.
Gillian looked very lovely as Giselle.
The stage set looked so cool, there where two peasant houses, they were wooden, they would look very good in my backyard for me to have them as play huts.  I would live in them!!!!!
The scenery was sort of foresty.
It was really cool when I was up on stage.

We continued watching the rehearsal until it was time for the dancers to have a break, dinner time I think.
Then we could go home.
So it was a quick dash to get a bus to the Railway Station.

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