Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Full Dress Rehearsal - Giselle

In my peasant costume

Ballet Diaries - Giselle
By Salem

The Full Dress Rehearsal  6th November 2012

Tonight was the Full Dress Rehearsal!!!!
Mum came up to the dressing room with me and put my make-up on me after I had put on my costume.
I was sooo excited!!!!!!
I share my dressing room with two adult men extras, Nigel Boyes and Thomas Drent, so when Thomas arrived Mum left to go and watch the performance in the theatre.

With the men's peasant costumes

After Mum left, I looked out the window that overlooks the car park and saw Daniel get out of his mum's car.  He came up to the dressing room and he had all his make-up on.
I told him that it wasn't his night for performing, so he left.

I had a bit of a chat with the guys in my dressing room.  Thomas said that he thought he looked like a Mexican in his costume.

My dressing room

Then my "Mother" asked if I wanted to go and join her and the girls (Paris and Jaida) in their dressing room, so I went and joined them.
We took some photos of each other and had a bit of a rehearsal.
Then it was time to go downstairs backstage to wait for our turn on stage.

Me in the audience to watch Act Two

Miriam came and told us that it was time to go on stage and our performance began.
I had lots of fun and it was so cool having a full audience watching us.
It was over too quickly, I wanted to stay on for longer.

I quickly went upstairs and got changed into my normal clothes then went downstairs and chatted to Lindsay until Mum came to pick me up at intermission.
She took me to sit in the audience so I could watch Act Two.

The curtain before Act Two

It was so cool and I loved the graveyard scene.  There was mist everywhere.
The Wilis danced beautifully sending me into a trance.
It is such a sad story!!!!!
Giselle (Antonia Hewitt) was so lovely as a ghost, she was so sad.
Andrew Bowan"s (Albrecht) dancing was so amazing when the Wilis tried to make him dance to his death.
His Entrechat really blew me away.
I hope that I will dance like Andrew when I am older.

I am so lucky that I got to perform with this cast, and to watch it too!!!!

Can't wait for my next performance on Thursday night!!!!!

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