Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Getting Ready for Star Search

Salem has entered a local Star Search Competition up at our local mall.
He will be performing on Wednesday at around 11am.  So if you are out here in Kapiti, you should pop in to the Coastlands Mall and check his dancing out.
Apparently it is mostly singers that have entered, not many dancers at all.
And the performers are aged between 12 and 18 years old.
Salem has entered just for fun as these competitions aren't really geared for dancers.

The stage has been set up in the mall and we went and had a look at how big it was today.
It's not big at all and is quite awful for dancers to dance on.  It is made of basically blocks joined together side by side, shiney in some parts and quite slippery and very uneven so Salem had a bit of a trail run this afternoon as the stage wasn't being used.
He had quite a few mall goers stop and watch him dance.
He managed to fit his Du Hast contemporary dance to the size of the stage.  He was a bit worried about hurting his feet on the uneven jutting up bits of the stage so we thought he could wear his ballet shoes.
So then it was off to the gym for his dance practice.

At the gym we went over his dances and then he decided that he would like to do his new dance, Bond on Bond (James Bond) which is a neo-classical dance, for the Star Search Competition.
We are still working on that dance and hadn't actually done an ending for it but we came up with a suitable finish which works well.
So after a really good practice, poor boy, I really tired him out, we went back to the mall for him to see if it was possible for him to do the Bond on Bond dance safely on the stage.
He was able to but only after taking his ballet shoes off as the stage was too slippery in places.
So he will have to do that dance with no shoes.  It will look very contemporary.
We will be able to get some more practice in on the stage on Tuesday afternoon.
All he is worried about now is falling off the small stage.
He will be fine!!!

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