Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Monday, October 15, 2012

No Luck in Star Search Final

Friday was the finals for the Coastlands Star Search.
Salem was up against five other performers - 3 singers, 1 keyboard player and a hip hop dancer.
Salem danced really well and even had a few of his "Senior Fans" come and watch him too.
Everyone performed well.
First and third place went to singers and second place went to the hip hop act who was another boy dancer.
It's funny how the only dancers that got through to the finals were boys.
All of Salem's fans said he should have had a placing but it is a fact that no matter how good a ballet dancer you are, hip hop is more popular with the general public, and he was up against some stiff competition.
So thank you to everyone who was supporting Salem.
And a big Congratulations to the winner and place getters.  Well done.

Back at the gym

Afterwards Grandma treated us to another hot chocolate.  A big thank you for that.
And then it was off to Grade School.

We had a good session at the gym yesterday as Salem is having to go over his classical dance for the Associated Ballet & Theatre Club Inc's 44th Annual Dancing Competitions this coming weekend.
It is being held at the Little Theatre in Lower Hutt on the 20th - 22nd October.
Salem is performing on Saturday night.  He is only doing one dance.

And he had to go over his Bond on Bond dance in preparation for the Genee Dance Challenge Wellington Regional Competition which is being held at the New Zealand School of Dance on Sunday 28th October.
I'll tell you more about that later.

Today it is back to normal lessons as the school holidays have finished.

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