Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Salem and the Belly Dancers

Xmas 2006

I was going through some more of my old photos and came across these.
Salem has always loved performing and used to perform with me and the other belly dancers when I was belly dancing.

Salem and his mum 2006

Salem joined in with a Christmas performance we did at the Southwards Xmas Variety Show for senior citizens in 2006.
He was only six years old.  The audience just loved him.
I had made him is own coin belt, it was made with fur and coins which he loved.
So he would wiggle his butt to make the coins jingle.
He was very cute.

Belly Dance Performers at Solway Show Grounds 2007

We did an out of town performance at the Solway Show Grounds in the Waiarapa with my Tribal Belly Dance group and Salem joined us as the sword boy.

We joined up with two other belly dancers who were from the Waiarapa.
He liked being part of everything and of course enjoyed performing with me.
He definitely had the cute factor.

Salem the Sword Boy

He thought the swords were so cool and had to look after them when they weren't in used.
Then he had to pass them to the dancers when they were needed.
They were nearly as big as he was!!!!

Judith Fuge Dance School Concert 2006

For his last concert with the Judith Fuge Dance School, one of the dances he was in was "Aladdin".
They looked sooo cute on stage.

I added a bit more detail to his costume so he really stood out from the girls since he was the only boy as usual.  The costume definitely came in handy for other performances over the years.

Some of the "The Two Sisters" cast 2006

Salem and his older brother also joined in with a production of "The Two Sisters", a belly dance fairy tale, which I was in in 2006.
He had his stage smile all sorted way back then!!!!!


  1. Just want to say you are a hero! My son (and I) love reading your blog. He's the only boy (10) in his class and having a chance to see other boys out there is really inspiring - especially performing with a real company. More ballet please!

    1. Hi Alice
      Thank you for your lovely comment.
      Salem was really pleased when he saw it.
      He is lucky that even though he is the only boy in his dance school, he has quite a few friends, boys his age, who are ballet dancers too.
      All the best for your son's dancing. Stick to it!!!!