Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Salem is on TV

Tomorrow morning Salem is appearing in his own documentary on TVNZ1's "Attitude" at 8.30 am.
Salem is talking about having Aspergers Syndrome and his love of dance.

It shows him at home, at practice, classes, getting ready for exams and travelling up to Auckland for the British Theatre Dance Association's Auckland Festival.

He had a lovely film crew who were very supportive.  Thanks guys!!!!!

Here is the promo for the programme.

Salem is very nervous to see the finished product.
He will be at day two of the Associates Weekend when the documentary is shown, but we don't get tv anyway so he can watch it On Demand when he gets home.

I'll put up the link when it become available.

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  1. What a boy...... I wish Salem all the very best in the future. He has an amazing talent which is so well supported by his Mum. Best wishes to you both. Helen