Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Star Search Finals 2014

You can spot his red boots from miles away

On Friday it was the finals of the Star Search talent competition at Coastlands Mall.
It was another opportunity for Salem to perform "Robin Hood" again.
Heaps of people were there and Salem had a blast.

He didn't get anywhere, but he never expected to, he just had fun entertaining people.
Well done to the winner and the second and third placed performers.

What was really nice is that a dance teacher came up to us after Salem had performed and said that he was really good and well done.

Later this month Salem has his last dance competition of the year.  There are actually two on at the same time, one ballet and the other modern, we decided on the modern one in Upper Hutt as he wants to debut his new tap dance and he will get to do his new jazz dance "White Trash" for the second time, plus get to do his "Cotton Eye Joe" acro dance again.

Today Salem was at the New Zealand School of Dance for the last Associate Weekend of the year.
He came home late tonight hungry and tired but all set for doing it again tomorrow.
He will sleep well tonight!!!!

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