Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Friday, December 12, 2014

Getting Ready For "Annie" - Part I

Pink hats for NYC?????

It's that time of year - dance school concert time!!!!!!
Salem is dancing at Hayley Johnson's Academy of Dancing in Tawa, and this year they are doing a production of "ANNIE".

Salem has been cast as the male lead, Daddy Warbucks.
This is so exciting for him as it is the first time he has had a lead role.

Having a quick break.

This is a bit of a catch up, there will be a few more posts.  We have been a bit slack due to so much happening for Salem which I will also do posts about........So much news!!!!!!!!

He has joined in with the performance troupes for the dance to "NYC" which he is enjoying as he hasn't done jazz in a class situation for a little while, he has just been doing a bit of jazz with me in the practice studio.

In full swing

Daddy Warbucks isn't in the first act, so Salem has joined in with the senior jazz students to be part of the dance for the city dwellers and street sellers, "Putting on the Ritz".  Just loving every moment and is getting to know a lot of the other students that he doesn't usually get to see in the times that he is at the dance school doing his lessons.

He has had to miss out on tap this term due to his casting, but he is still tapping at home and at the practice studio at the gym.

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