Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Thursday, December 18, 2014

In the Local News Papers - Shout Out Awards

At the Shout Out Awards.

Salem won a Kapiti Coast District Council "Shout Out"  Award on the 4th December 2014.

We had just flown back to Paraparaumu from attending the Attitude Awards in Auckland, we got off the plane then it was straight to the Kapiti Coast District Council buildings for the "Shout Out" Youth Awards.
They were so nice to us, saved us dinner as were arrived over an hour after they had started.

Salem received the Shout Out Expression Award. It is so nice for him to get an award for doing something that he loves doing.  
Salem received a framed certificate, a really flash trophy and a Coastland's gift card.

A very big thank you to the Kapiti Coast District Council and the Kāpiti Coast Youth Council.

And congratulations to all the other award winners.

These are articles which have appeared in our local newspapers this week and last week:

Something to shout about
Kapiti Observer  18 Dec 2014


Salem is third from right.

More than a dozen young Kapiti people were awarded for their talent,
commitment and generosity at this month’s Shout Out Youth Awards.

Open to 12-24-year-olds, the awards have been running three years.
Mayor Ross Church presented awards in nine categories.

‘‘I particularly like that these awards go beyond looking at pure skill and
also consider personality and character – such as the Strive award that
goes to someone who has overcome barriers in their life and gone on
to succeed,’’ he said. ‘‘This fabulous group of young people are making a
difference in their own lives, their schools, workplaces and in the wider
community as leaders, organisers, mentors and role models.’’

Award winners: Kaitaiki (environment & sustainability) – Ruby Durrant-
Bush; Innovate (youth-led project and innovation) – Radio Random,
comprising primary school students Jack Mitchell, Joshua Tristram,
Taylor Quy and Aden O’Connor; Inspire (leadership) – Griffin Cherill;
Connected (community service) – Brittany Calder; Strive (overcoming
significant barriers) – Jerome Warren; Professional (entrepreneur-business)
– Marcus Ebbett; Star (positive work place attitude) – Awhina Nightingale;
Apprentice (apprentice) – Jason Gamble; Expression (arts, music & culture)
– Salem Foxx.

Alana Fraser was awarded highly commended in the Inspire and Connected
categories; and joint nominees Alyssa Kata and Alice Young received highly
commended in the Innovate and Inspire categories.

And in the Kapiti News yesterday:

And in last weeks Kapiti News 11 Dec 2014:

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  1. Wonderful dancing Salem! Keep up the awesome work, and I really hope you achieve your dreams my friend.