Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Competitions and Other Updates

DanceArt - Senior Variation Award Presentation

It has been a while since our last post, I've had some problems with my internet connection and have been losing a lot of stuff, so I am hoping all goes well now.

Since our last post Salem competed at the DanceArt Society Inc's 11th Annual Dance Festival on the 3rd - 5th May at the Little Theatre in Lower Hutt.
His 13th birthday was on the first day of the comps so he danced in the Senior Variation Championship.  He really enjoyed being able to do two variations instead of just the one.
He didn't get a placing but danced very well.
He also got Highly Commended for his other dances.

Practicing "Du Hast"

Next up was The Associated Ballet and Theatre Club Inc - Tap, Modern, Restricted Ballet Competitions which were held on the 17th - 19th May.
He only danced four dances and did very well.

Last minute practice of "Sh-Boom"

He received Very Highly Commended's and First Place for Bond on Bond in the Neo Classical 12 years and over class.
Salem was very excited as this was his first trophy that he had won.  The last person who had won the trophy hadn't returned it yet, so we are still waiting to receive it.

Looking dapper for "Bond on Bond"

Then there was the Wellington Region Dance Teachers Competition Society Inc - Queen's Birthday Festival on the 1st - 3rd June.
He danced eight dances, was going to be nine but we couldn't make it in time on the Sunday morning due to lack of public transport.  But I think eight was enough.

Ready for his Polish debut

He had done enough practice on his Polish character dance to feel ready to give it a go, so luckily we were able to make a last minute entry because someone else had pulled out of that class.
So I quickly got a costume together for him making use of some of his older brothers Polish costume from years ago.  I had to do a lot of alterations as Salem is a lot slimmer but I think he looked great for his Polish debut.

Having a "Proud Mary" moment.

Salem was given lots of nice comments about his Polish dance such as:
"Lovely light holoubets.  Great Hinge.  Very enjoyable!"
He was given a Commended which he was very happy with.

Article in the Kapiti News. A few facts slightly wrong but never mind. 

Salem was very fortunate to be awarded another Variety - The Children's Charity Gold Heart Scholarship this year.  We are so grateful for the help with Salem's dance expenses.
A big "THANK YOU" to Variety!!!!!

Salem has been having lots of fun with his lessons with Jonty and we are all very pleased with the progress Salem is making.  He has been pracicing doing classical and barefoot impromptu dances with Jonty watching to see if what he is doing is passable and Jonty has been quite impressed.
Salem's first impromptus at comps are coming up soon!!!!!!

Salem is also working on two more variations:
James' solo - La Sylphide Act II and
Sigfried's solo - Swan Lake Act III.

As James from La Sylphide

He has only just learnt Sigfried's solo on the weekend at the Boy's Ballet Class with the Royal New Zealand Ballet Education Program with Shannon Dawson.
Shannon is a great teacher and Salem really enjoyed the class.
So Salem is putting a few of his own little touches along with Jonty's help to the Sigfried variation.

We are still going up to the studio at the gym all the time for plenty of practice as it is competition time again.

Competitions coming up are:

Hutt Valley Performing Arts Competition Society - Ballet and Tap/Modern Dance Comps 12th - 16th July

The Dance Kapiti Competition Festival is on the 20th - 23rd July, held at Southwards Theatre, here in Paraparaumu.

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