Ballet Dancer in Training

Ballet Dancer in Training

Monday, February 18, 2013

Costume Check

Peasant Pas - Giselle costume

Today we thought it would be a good idea to check that Salem's old costumes still fit him.
And to try out what he was going to wear for the Peasant Pas and for Proud Mary.

I was pleased with the waistcoat I had made for Peasant Pas.
We were influenced by the costumes from the Royal New Zealand Ballet's recent production of Giselle.
So that is why he is wearing a shirt with rolled up sleeves.
I think it looks very smart.

Du Hast contemporary costume

His Du Hast costume still fits and so does his classical outfit which I think we will have the black leotard under the waistcoat like the photo we have used for the blog title above.  Last year Salem wore his red leotard but I think the black looks more grown up.  I'm pleased I don't have to make any alterations.

Our first idea for the Proud Mary costume

We had a few ideas for Salem's Proud Mary costume so had Salem dance in them.
Our first idea looked good but Salem does like to wear tighter fitting costumes when he has to do a lot of more dynamic dance moves.

This is now the Proud Mary costume

So we came up with this costume which he can move very easily in.
Not very jazzy but he loves it and he can wear his Elvis frilled shirt which is now too short in the sleeves so he can't wear it for his Bond on Bond costume.

I will make him a black pin striped waistcoat to wear as well but if it's too much, I'm sure he will be able to wear it for something else.
I'll make a few different waistcoats for him, they don't take too long to make.
Then I have to start making some patterns up to make him a Polish character costume because as soon as the Alana Haines Awards are over then he will be working on a Polish character dance for the next lot of competitions.
I've found some great photos for design ideas.
I'm lucky I can sew!!!!!!!!

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